Let’s start instead by answering “who are Paxton?”.  Paxton are a technology company with a global outlook.  They design and manufacture a range of intelligent security systems for buildings and there are over 25,000 buildings secured using Paxton products.  

What is Access Control? 

Access control is a term used to describe a method of controlling access to a particular building, site or other resource in a Physical sense.  In years gone by, access would be controlled by a simple lock and key.  As time has passed, more and more businesses are looking to control their access by using technology and linking it to their physical doors or gates. 

Paxton is one manufacturer, or vendor of Access Control products.  They provide many different physical components that allow a business to control access to their resources.  The central software that controls this access is called Paxton Net2 (there is a product called Paxton10, but that’s not covered in this article).  Net2 can be configured with all manner of different automations to ensure that your building is both secure AND smart. 

Why Paxton Net2? 

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible access control system that can reside on an IT network (and indeed we only supply Net2 when it’s properly connected to a business IT network).  It is easy to use and has an excellent range of features, making it, in our opinion, the best suite of products on the market in this area, when it comes to features versus cost.  It’s an efficient solution both for small businesses with small sites AND large companies who are always looking to expand and develop their facilities.  Some of the benefits of using Net2 are; 

  • Simple System Management – very easy to use once installed 
  • High Security – it can be connected to your intruder alarm and can even be put into ‘lockdown’ mode when required 
  • Improved HR – when connected to our TAMS software, it can easily track staff attendance and hours worked 
  • Excellent integrations – with CCTV and other security products 

Can I control doors and gates with Net2? 

Yes, the system allows you to control doors, gates and any other physical asset that you may wish to control.  The system works fundamentally with a series of Magnetic Locks, coupled with entry/exit readers and door controllers, which when combined give you the flexibility to open doors when staff present fobs, cards or even mobile phones.  Doors and gates can be opened remotely where necessary or even on a schedule.  


What options do I have to open doors and gates for visitors? 

Net2 offers a range of different options when it comes to opening doors for guests or visitors.  Primarily, this is in the form of intercom systems, with or without video.  These intercom systems can either be connected to a manually installed handset OR they can communicate directly with your business VoIP Telephone System to allow seamless integration into your existing business processes. 

What else can I control with Net2? 

Automated lighting & heating 

Here at Edmund Road in Sheffield, not only do we have our access control hooked up to our ID badges, but it also controls our lighting and heating too.  When entering spaces around our premises, the lighting will turn on and when exiting, it turns off again – if there’s no-one left in the room.  Using this system, we are hoping to reduce our draw on the grid by around 10% and our gas usage should come down too.  This has all been installed by our wonderful team using the Popular Paxton Net2 Software and equipment. 


When connected to our CCTV products and services, the Net2 system can come alive, allowing you to look at a log of who has accessed a site and click one button to view the CCTV imagery that was happening at the time of the logged event.  


Paxton Net2 is an immensely powerful suite of hardware and software.  It allows a business to go from old-fashioned locks on doors and gates to a futuristic site that is controlled and monitored via their IT network, providing managers and other stakeholders easy access to the information they need at a site.  It can easily be used to control staff-pay as well as access to the site and control of all sorts of ‘smart building’ features.  ESP Projects is always working hard to ensure that we stay ahead of the game to make sure we can help our customers make the most out of their IT networks but also the security and future of their businesses.    

You can find out more about ESP by visiting other areas of our site.  If you wanted to discuss the article in more detail, don’t hesitate to drop us a message via our Contact page, or call us on 03302020118.